Racing Forward

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As each step hits the pavement the runner focuses on the path ahead. Breathe in. Breathe out. One foot in front of the other. Every bit of energy directed toward the finish.

Many of the women that walk through the doors of Alpha are just trying to focus on the next step. What are they going to do about this baby? How will they provide for their family? They just want to know where to put their foot next.

We are all runners in the race of life and with each step there is a choice to keep going or to give up. Alpha is partnering with the Fifth Third River Bank Run as a way to help women keep making those steps. You can help us, at Alpha, take steps toward our goals. We need 300 runners/walkers stepping with Alpha this year at the race in support for the women we aim to help every day. The next step hits the pavement. We hope to raise $30,000 in collected pledges to help continue stepping forward in touching the lives of women and children.

Help us step forward and join the race today!

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Everyone Needs a Cheering Section

Everyone needs a support system and at a race the crowd can be the very motivation a runner needs to finish the race. Our work at Alpha is to be a cheering section to women in poverty struggling with unplanned pregnancy in the Grand Rapids area. We provide support to the women’s physical and emotional needs.

By partnering with Alpha on the Fifth Third River Bank Run on May 11, you can take an active role as the support system for the women we work to help. We want to raise awareness and participation and every runner/walker who partners with us increases our cheering section and motivates us in the work we do.

So, as the community of Grand Rapids comes out to support a series of nonprofits, we hope you join us because everyone needs a cheering section.

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Alpha – There From the Start!

Alpha Walkers/Runners!

Alpha Walkers/Runners!

The countdown to race day on May 11 has begun! The starting line may mark the beginning of the race, but for Alpha Women’s Center race day does not begin at the shot of the gun.

When preparing for a race there are many challenges before reaching the starting line. Anticipation, nervous energy, and fear channel into strength to complete the race whether it be the 5K, 10K, or 25K. Alpha Women’s Center takes on one of life’s greatest races by giving women the strength needed to prepare for the challenges of unplanned pregnancies in the face of poverty in the Grand Rapids community.

Alpha has been there from the start, partnering with women as they face spiritual and physical adversities in their local community. Alpha is committed to providing physical necessities, mentoring, and community support for women feeling inadequate at parenting in their present circumstances.

We’re looking for runners, walkers, and anyone in between to support Alpha Women’s Center at the Fifth Third River Bank Run. Many opportunities to get involved exist such as raising pledges or gathering friends to walk with you. By partnering with Alpha through this event you will show your care for the women Alpha Women’s Center aims to help. So as the days to the shot of the gun come closer, we hope you consider making Alpha Women’s Center your running partner. To learn more about Alpha check out our website!

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