Each year, the public (within a 45 mile radius of Grand Rapids) is invited to apply to become event ambassadors while training with coaches for the 25K, 10K and 5K events on the second Saturday of May.  The Road Warriors are selected by a panel after personal interviews. All 12 Road Warriors represent the Fifth Third River Bank Run at community events and blog on the social media of choice about the ups and downs of training for a long distance road race in Michigan.

A very special welcome to the 2018 Fifth Third River Bank Run Road Warriors — Adam L, Adam Z, Carolyn, Ellen, Hannah, Jenny, Patrick, Rob, Robert, Stephanie, Steve, Susan and Tammy — coached by Joann Karpowicz and Amy Polega! Personal photos and bios will be posted early December where you can get to know them and the coaches. Join them at all the Fifth Third River Bank Run Training Runs (see side bar) and at the line on Saturday, May 12.

Join us and get to know the Road Warriors at our Training Events — All of the runs are beginner friendly while we also have different paces to participate in. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, encourage and motivate others. Come along and bring your friends and family —  free and no registration required – just show up!

  • First Saturday of the Month (December-May)  – David D Hunting YMCA, 8a (non YMCA members welcomed)
  • Second Tuesday of the Month (All year long, RBR sponsors Dec.-May): “No Problems” Training Series – Perrin Brewery Company, 6p
  • Last Wednesday of the Month (January-April): Hills and Hops with Greg Meyer – John Ball Park, 6p

The Tradition Continues – 2019 Road Warrior applications available this fall!

Read their stories.   Get to know them.  Get to know the coaches 

Meet Road Warrior Ellen Bacca – Maranda Where You Live

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