We would love to have you as a part of the Fifth Third River Bank Run! To cheer on our participants throughout the run, we provide on course live  music  and entertainment.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about our course entertainment opportunity:

Do bands receive payment?
Each on course band will receive $200 for performing that day

What type of live music/bands are you looking for?
We are looking for all genres! The live music must be upbeat and energetic. We want the live music areas to motivate the runners

Will there be power provided at the live music stations?
Yes, we will provide one generator at each location. Bands will be responsible for bringing extension cords and other electrical hookups

How long are the performances?
This depends on your bands location, but could be between 3 and 4 hours

What time does our band need to be completely set up by?
This depends on your bands location, but will range from 7:30a to 8:30a

How will you promote our band?
We will display your photo, sound bite, and link to your website on our “Course Entertainment” page at riverbankrun.wpengine.com

What all will be provided to us at our entertainment space along the course?
Fifth Third River Bank Run will provide a 20×20 tent with sides, bottled water, tarp (to cover ground if desired) and generator at each location

Thank you for your interested in course entertainment for the Fifth Third River Bank Run!

Questions? Please contact Angela at Angela.Paasche@gmail.com

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