Jan-Al Robinson
I love to run but didn’t discover it until I was almost thirty. I believe you are never too old to find a new passion. I am truly passionate about running and feel it has changed my life. I have run 1 Ultra Marathon, 40+ marathons and lots of other distances including a 200 mile relay I am the team captain for every year. I also dabble in triathalons and duathalons to mix it up. My PR for a marathon is a 3:55 and PR for a half marathon is a 1:50. I have paced a number of races and find it to be incredibly rewarding. To support and give back to others in a sport I love is an amazing feeling. I am a member of the 50 States Club and I am a Marathon Maniac. To date, I have completed marathons in 23 states and love to travel. I find the best way to truly see a city is by foot.


Amy Rempalski
You would never guess, but I used to dislike running because it reminded me of gym class!  Little did I know that running, let alone pacing, would later become a passion.   I started with a Couch to 5k program and didn’t give up, even when times were tough. From there I made new friends and developed a great support system that has proven to be very beneficial, especially in the last couple years as I have been battling injuries and other challenges life throws at you. Now I am finding a balance between running and other passions in life. I pay this forward by pacing races and offering support and kind words when needed, even if it’s in the form of out-of-pitch songs or corny jokes. I hear a lot of inspirational stories from runners about overcoming obstacles and one thing I hope to do as a pacer in 2018 is share the wisdom I have gained as a runner and encouraging others to not give up.

The Fifth-Third River Bank Run 25K is an awesome race and it was my first race as a pacer in 2012. I’ve been pacing this race ever since. I look forward to sharing each mile with you and the victory at the finish line!


Janice Schuurmans
I love running.  It has been a passion of mine since high school and I have found it to be so peaceful and “relaxing”.  I know that sounds strange to some but I love the time on a long run where I can just get away from the busy life and just be.  I have paced for the Fifth Third River Bank Run for the last 3 years and it’s definitely one of my all time favorite races!!  I can’t wait to run it in 2018!!!





Nancy Wooley
I started running in 2007 and have completed 22 marathons, 9 River Bank runs, numerous half marathons, and many races of shorter distances. I believe it ‘takes a village’ to help runners to achieve their goals, and I am fortunate to have an awesome village that has helped me along the way to achieve mine. The enthusiasm, excitement, and sheer joy they have experienced when helping others is what first interested me in pacing, too. It is so rewarding to see runners cross the finish line as they achieve the goals they have set for themselves; being able to share their smiles and tears of joy is just awesome! I look forward to being a member of the 2018 Fifth Third River Bank Run pace teams.