Andie Ruhlig
Running is so much more than a physical activity for me; it calms the soul, focuses the mind, and exhausts the body. Being a pacer is a perfect fit as I have a non-competitive spirit and derive great satisfaction helping others achieve their goals. As in life, when you help others and put their needs before your own, you find your troubles and discomforts seem to fade into the background. I believe the best way to a happy life is through the giving of one’s self.


Kelly Mac
I started running distance races in 1999 after being spurred on by a friend to do the Chicago marathon (yep—that was my first race). From there I kind of caught the competitive bug and began participating in triathlons and trail races to add some spice to my running fun. I have paced many half marathons and one marathon and I love helping people achieve their goals. I live in Grand Rapids, MI with my two dogs and I work as a health and wellness coach. I believe exercise saves lives … and sanity, and makes a better world.   Healthy body, healthy mind, happy people…better world!



Christina Fong
I am a professional musician. Music is my life, my work and my passion. Running has helped me remain fit and meet the physical demands and endurance that is required for my work as a musician. I have been running now for nearly 20 years. I have run over a dozen marathons, and numerous other 5ks, 10ks and half marathons.

To me pacing is a lot more rewarding than racing. I have been a moderately competitive runner. I will never be a fast or great runner, but I love the sport and what it has to offer. For me personally, running is much more than physical fitness. It gives me mental, emotional and physical strength. It was once important to me to meet my speed and distance goals, but now it is far more important for me to help others meet their goals.




Leslie Kelpsch
I’ve been running since Junior High and haven’t stopped! I love, love, love the running community and all the amazing people you meet along the way. I’ve so many opportunities to pace 1/2 marathons, and it’s the absolute BEST to help runners achieve their time goal. I want to be a pacer for Fifth Third River Bank Run because I want to be apart of a great race and help others achieve this goal!