Zach Weber
The more and more I run, the more I realize I love to give back to the endurance community.  I have done it through many different paths, by coaching new athletes, by helping organize races, by volunteering at races, but by and large my most favorite way to give back is by pacing runners to their goals.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to do just that the past 3 River Bank Runs that I have completed and look forward to doing this another year.  Whether you are trying to reach a new PR, or just need someone to keep you on pace during one of your last spring marathon training runs, I will do my absolute best to do just that.  I look forward to the miles we will cover together and doing everything in my power to get you to that finish line at the pace you desire!


Andrew Buikema
I got back in to running 5 years ago after a long time of inactivity and gaining an enormous amount of weight. I ran in high school, but then stopped through college and my first several years in my professional life. I led a very unhealthy lifestyle of eating and zero activity. I finally decided to turn my life around and get back in to running. My brother paced me at my first half marathon and pushed me harder than I could have imagined. It was then that I realized that I need to keep doing this if I am going to set the example for my two daughters.

I love sharing my passion of running with others. I run for my girls (13 and 10), I run for a mental release, I run for me, the pure enjoyment and the accomplishment of others as a pacer to achieve their goals!

I have had the pleasure of pacing for several races in Michigan, Illinois and South Carolina…with that experience I have also am the Race Director for the Mercy Health Seaway Run (Muskegon), pace director for the Rivertown Half (Grand Rapids), Charlevoix Half / Full and assisting with the Fifth Third River Bank Run pacers for the past several years.

Everyone has a story and it’s awesome getting to know them, who they are and WHY they run. Looking forward to helping you on race day! See you at the starting line!


Robert Blaszak
My first run was on a treadmill, and I only made it 30 seconds before I had to walk. Slow, but determined, I stuck with it and lost over 100 pounds. The River Bank Run 25k is the first race I ever signed up for and the one that inspired me to start running fast. I set a goal of getting into the 2 Hour Club and made it on my first try; I haven’t looked back since!

I’ll be running my second Boston Marathon in April 2018, but I’ve loved being a part of this race over the last 5 years. After racing it as a 2017 Road Warrior this past year, I’m looking forward to coming back as a pacer for the fifth time to help others achieve their running goals!