Alana Matyas-Brower
Hello everyone! I’m Alana I’m looking forward to being a part of the 2018 Fifth Third River Bank Run pacing team. (If they’ll have me again!).  2017 was my first year pacing the 25k and I had so much fun training and running last year’s race I’d love to do it again.

As a seasoned runner of over a decade,  a rewarding part of running nowadays is getting people into running and watching them fall in love with the sport. I love helping them along the way by being their mentor and the cheerleader that encourages them to set new goals.  The most exciting part of the journey is watching them cross the finish line, especially when I know it is the furthest distance they’ve ever run.   The Fifth Third River Bank Run is a major milestone for runners for multiple reasons- from longest distance, from heartbreak and loss, to celebration or trying to join the 2 hour club. I love hearing every runner’s story and encouraging them along the way.  The 25k is a challenging distance and I love helping runners along the way as their pacer, cheerleader, source of inspiration, comedic relief and general announcer (porta potty! water!).  I hope to see you all in May!


Ryan Wasson
Hello everyone!  My name is Ryan Wasson (aka Ryno)

I started running 4 years ago because of a bet with my sister. Who knew it would become a passion of mine. I love sharing my story and hearing other people’s while on runs. I can’t wait to be out there with you all on race day




Mel Blackmer
Running over the years has become a way of life for me. It helps me to be a better wife, mother and overall better person. It’s my “me” time and as a mother you rarely get those moments. I picked up running to get in shape and to set a positive example for my girls. I fell in love with the sense of accomplishment that came with pushing my body to do things that I once thought was impossible. It’s amazing what your body and mind can do!  That past four years I’ve been able to be a pacer for the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K run and it’s such a privilege to be able to encourage fellow runners to cross the finish line!



Randy MacGeorge
I’ve enjoyed helping others reach their personal running goals in the past as a Riverbank Run Pacer, and as an instructor this year for a couch-to-5K program.

I ran the Riverbank Run last year as a charity runner for the Conductive Learning Center, which allowed me to be a part of a great team, but also strive to run my best as an individual.  After pushing myself hard last year in training and in the race, I’m ready to focus on pushing others to to accomplish their goals and have fun along the way.