Ken Brooks
I have run roughly 90 marathons, 25 halfs, and 7 RBR 25Ks. I have also paced more than 50 marathons and numerous halfs all over North America. In the recent past I was a sponsored distance runner and have run many races as an elite over the better half of a decade. I’ve been able to meet all my goals as a distance runner except one…to complete 100 marathons. I enjoy pacing and motivating runners to achieve their goals. Running has been such a blessing in my life and I want to continue, through pacing, to spread the love of the my sport to everyone.


Hank Risley
50 this year.  13 years into running as a constant.  It continues to be a focal part of my life, but far different from the heady years of my early 40’s.  Fewer races, far fewer awards and trophies.  More focused on helping others and the relationships developed through the running experiences.  I’ve gained depth from many races, suffered from poor choices and learned from each experience.  I’ve always enjoyed pacing…. Hearing your stories, helping you through the tough spots and “grinding it out!” Being the “talkative one” when a “pacee”  is in a tough spot, with the mind wandering and little to say.  Staying on target and working together as a team.  I’m glad to be back with my iconic “tune belt” and looking forward making the experience fun and helping you achieve your River Bank Run goal!



Ben Semeyn
Pacing is one way I love to volunteer for an event. It’s a great feeling to help runners reach their goals. Using my years of experience and stories with running to help participants get through the miles is always a highlight of my season.