Ken Brooks
I have run roughly 90 marathons, 25 halfs, and 7 RBR 25Ks. I have also paced more than 50 marathons and numerous halfs all over North America. In the recent past I was a sponsored distance runner and have run many races as an elite over the better half of a decade. I’ve been able to meet all my goals as a distance runner except one…to complete 100 marathons. I enjoy pacing and motivating runners to achieve their goals. Running has been such a blessing in my life and I want to continue, through pacing, to spread the love of the my sport to everyone.



Ben Semeyn
Pacing is one way I love to volunteer for an event. It’s a great feeling to help runners reach their goals. Using my years of experience and stories with running to help participants get through the miles is always a highlight of my season.





Christopher Gregory
Running, triathlon, endurance sports & personal training are more than a part of my life – they are my life. I’ve been an endurance athlete for 15 years. My degree is in exercise physiology & I’ve been a teacher, fitness instructor, personal trainer, running/triathlon coach, professional pacer & sponsored athlete at various points throughout these years. I have been an official pace leader for 54 marathons, including Grand Rapids 9 times, Chicago 7 times, Air Force 5x, Indy Monumental 4x & Akron 4x. The typical pace team time I lead is 3:00 & 3:05 and sometimes 2:45, 3:10 & 3:15.  I’ve also paced about 25 half marathons/25k’s, including 5/3 River Bank 25k a total of 4x from 2007-2010. I’ve coached and/or paced many runners & friends to PR’s at the marathon, half marathon, Olympic Triathlon, half-iron & full-iron distances. Pace leading & coaching others athletes to reach their goals is so very rewarding & brings me much joy seeing others succeed along their personal journey! As an athlete, I’ve done over 800 races & have been sponsored by Michelob Ultra Runners, Under Armour,, Nike & Team StellaFly (Grand Rapids). Races include 125 marathons/ultras & 60+ triathlons/duathlons (Ironman finisher at 2008 Wisconsin & 7 half-iron finishes). My marathon PR is 2:37:32 at 2010 Indy Monumental, along with 25k PR of 1:30:16 at 2012 River Bank Run. I’ve won 100+ races of various distances. My current total of 60 sub-3:00 marathons has been quite a journey & exciting endeavor! Ultimately, I hope to reach 100+ sub-3’s by the year 2024 & end up running over 300 lifetime marathons.