Aaron Velting
Since I was a child, I have always love to be outside and active….anything to be outdoors or at the gym.  I was involved in many team sports and tried just about everything.  I find myself now, just as active, just as eager to be outdoors… running, biking, swimming, hiking, or just kicking a ball around or playing catch with my kiddos.  I love triathlon, running, trail running, biking, my local gym and spectating my kiddos’ sports.

I have found my true passion to be encouraging others to meet their goals and realize that they are capable of much more than they allow themselves to think. I also have a true passion to help others who may not be otherwise capable of completing races on their own, cross that finish line though a local organization called myTeam Triumph.  Pacing races, encouraging others along the way through the miles is something I love to do and find true joy in coming alongside others to meet their goals.  It would be an honor to help you along your way!

Christopher Gregory
Running, triathlon, endurance sports & personal training are more than a part of my life – they are my life. I’ve been an endurance athlete for 15 years. My degree is in exercise physiology & I’ve been a teacher, fitness instructor, personal trainer, running/triathlon coach, professional pacer & sponsored athlete at various points throughout these years. I have been an official pace leader for 54 marathons, including Grand Rapids 9 times, Chicago 7 times, Air Force 5x, Indy Monumental 4x & Akron 4x. The typical pace team time I lead is 3:00 & 3:05 and sometimes 2:45, 3:10 & 3:15.  I’ve also paced about 25 half marathons/25k’s, including 5/3 River Bank 25k a total of 4x from 2007-2010. I’ve coached and/or paced many runners & friends to PR’s at the marathon, half marathon, Olympic Triathlon, half-iron & full-iron distances. Pace leading & coaching others athletes to reach their goals is so very rewarding & brings me much joy seeing others succeed along their personal journey! As an athlete, I’ve done over 800 races & have been sponsored by Michelob Ultra Runners, Under Armour, marathonpacing.com, Nike & Team StellaFly (Grand Rapids). Races include 125 marathons/ultras & 60+ triathlons/duathlons (Ironman finisher at 2008 Wisconsin & 7 half-iron finishes). My marathon PR is 2:37:32 at 2010 Indy Monumental, along with 25k PR of 1:30:16 at 2012 River Bank Run. I’ve won 100+ races of various distances. My current total of 60 sub-3:00 marathons has been quite a journey & exciting endeavor! Ultimately, I hope to reach 100+ sub-3’s by the year 2024 & end up running over 300 lifetime marathons.


Shawn Dennany
I started running again in 2012 in training for the River Bank Run 10K. I signed up for the race as part of a challenge from the director of the summer camp I was working at. After I finished that race I stood on the sideline waiting for my friends to finish the 25K. In training for the 10K I thought it was going to a one and done thing. I had no plans on being a “runner.” Standing there watching everyone finishing and reflecting on the great race I had just run I wanted to see how far I could go with it. Over the past five years I’ve run 4 Half Marathons, 3 River Bank Run 25k’s, and 8 Marathons. When I finished the Boston Marathon this year my only thought was what’s next. I’m completely happy with all of my PR’s and trying to lower those wasn’t want I currently wanted to stride towards. (pun intended) What did peak my interest and passion for running was helping others reach their time goals. I was lucky enough to get selected for the 2017 Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon Celebrity Pace Team and after that great first experience  I want to see how many other races I can Pace and continue to help people reach their goals. I’ve also gotten the itch to see if I can lower my Marathon PR and have a goal to go for the 2.40 barrier in the coming years.